Myth… Resting or immobilizing an exhausted or injured muscle will facilitate healing, right? Wrong!

Conventional wisdom use to be that we RICE an injury, right? You know. Rest. Ice. Compression. And elevation. But, we have found that immobilizing an injury – unless it is fractured or shredded – shuts the muscle down and restricts blood flow. And, frankly, opening a muscle or joint up and encouraging blood flow to oxygenate the area and flush out metabolic waste from injury seems a whole lot more intelligent to us. Additionally, immobilizing a muscle causes it – and everything around it – to atrophy. And the body instantly will launch a series of compensations to make up for the fact that something is not working properly or at all, which will cause more imbalances and instabilities and greater risk of more injury elsewhere.

So here’s our opinion. The best way to treat an injury is MICE. Move it. Ice it. Compress it when you’re on periodic breaks from your rehab program. And Elevate it (Preferably with your stretch rope, during long and frequent routines.)

Application of ice  directly after injuryNow that we’ve said this, let us add that you must be VERY certain that you’re nor dealing with catastrophic injury such as a fracture. Get a good diagnosis from a physician if you’re in doubt. And move carefully and gently. Even the tiniest range of motion is extremely helpful.

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