PURE whey protein special

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Whey Protein is excellent for muscle repair and muscle recovery.  Some people may enjoy their Whey over their cereal/oats in the morning, or simply as a shake.  Others may prefer to take their Whey Protein after exercising.

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Exercise increases amino acid requirements which are, in turn, replenished through protein degradation/muscle breakdown. This can lead to losses in both muscle size and strength and as a result, decreased physical performance.

PURE Whey Protein is superbly formulated to restore protein balance after exercise. Its premium blend of highly bioavailable proteins rapidly restores muscle tissue and energy, minimising muscle breakdown.

PURE Whey Protein is an excellent choice of protein for all ages.

Whey protein hydrolysate in PURE Whey Protein is partially broken down to short chains of 2-3 amino acids, allowing accelerated digestion and absorption of protein from the gut (within 10 mins). Whey protein hydrolysate replenishes muscle glycogen stores for the ultra-fast recovery of muscle strength and exercise-induced muscle damage. It also equips the body to continue to tackle demanding physical activity.

Whey protein isolate (WPI) is the purest form of protein with a protein content of over 90%, fat content less than 0.2% and zero carbs. As part of a balanced diet, WPI improves lean body weight, contributes to a well-functioning immune system and promotes performance and recovery.

DigeSEB® is a premium, all-encompassing blend of digestive enzymes to support digestive health. This enzyme combination optimises the digestion, absorption and bioavailability of amino acids. DigeSEB® is a proprietary blend of Advanced Enzymes.

PURE Whey Protein is compatible with low-carbohydrate diets, as it provides high quality protein without the carbohydrates and fat content. It is soy free, as it contains dairy protein, and sugar free. It is also appropriate for lactose-intolerant individuals

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