The lower limb stretch revolution, now available at StretchingSA

10 Reasons to love Ideal Stretch, available at StretchingSA!

Back Relief – Stretching the hamstrings relieves back pressure and pain.

Knee Relief – Athletes commonly suffer from tight Illio-Tibial (IT) Band muscles. IdealStretch isolates short IT Band muscles often relieving lateral knee pain.

Groin Stretch


Groin Stretch

Hip Mobility – Because adductor (groin) muscles are not challenged to lengthen in most daily activities, they lose range of motion. Regaining this range of motion can improve hip longevity and reduce injury.

Effective – Within seconds you will experience how much leverage you can create with minimal effort. The patented support that keeps the knee straight optimizes each stretch.

Safe – Bending over is a horrible way to stretch. The safest way to stretch the hamstrings and hips is by lying on your back eliminating the pressure off of your spine.

Easy – The IdealStretch helps to correctly align you whilst stretching. Only stretching experts could give you the equivalent stretch. No stretching partner needed, no bands, towels or tricky exercises.

Quality – The light steel frame is made of the highest quality using heavy-duty construction.

Portable – Because the IdealStretch divides in two, it fits easily in your bag and can accompany you to work, on holiday or to the golf course for a warm-up stretch.

Cost Effective – Until IdealStretch, you had to pay someone to give you an equivalent stretch. Less pain and stiffness means less medications, doctor visits and lost days of work.

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