What’s the fuss all about?

By: Hans de Wit – stretch therapist , Founder of StretchingSA

Hans-de-Wit.jpgStretch therapy is a one of a kind technique used by stretch therapists over the past decade that had astonishing results with patients suffering from chronic pain, musculoskeletal ailments, sports related injuries as well as joint and bone structural issues.

It is sometimes hard to believe why nobody else has been doing this for all these years since there are existing modalities in South Africa governed by a national council that has the credo to enhance, optimize and utilize healing and health in a nondiscriminatory way for all to benefit. Unfortunately this had not been the case, and as with so many other industries, we had a huge growth in the alternative health sector in the past 20 years. In fact stretch therapy has grown with it and with international recognition leading the way, South Africa will soon be unable to deny it.

Stretching therapy comprises a very hands on, manual and labour intensive approach to healing. There are no fancy machines, no little green and red lights on a huge panel, no magic ointments, no wonder diet, no complicated exercise machines and no anaesthetics!

If you would like to come and see us to get your problems fixed, you’ll have to be someone that is dedicated and committed to getting better. It takes time to open up fibers in your body that had been stuck there for 80% of your life. Frequently old injuries from decades ago, are covered by layer upon layer of connective tissues, muscular fibers, and fascia. To get to the points that are irritating your body, those layers need to be ‘peeled’ of via gentle, highly isolated, and very controlled movements. No wonder nobody had the know-how of doing it. Instead pharmaceutical industries spend billions in the development of chemicals that will ease the pain, dull the pain receptors, drain the oedema (swelling) and make the problems magically disappear… for a day.

We are here to help you, our therapists are highly trained in the secrets of stretch therapy, and are very committed to your cause. Don’t delay, sent this article to a loved one, family member or friend that you know are having pain. This might just change their lives for good. Stop the contraindications of the hands full of pills they have to swallow every day, stop the sleepless nights from pain and suffering and give them a chance to be human again; living life, enjoying what they love most and regaining control of their minds that once where clouded with worries and stress.